Our history

Tinada is an Italian company, born as a spin-off of the University of Foggia in 2011. Started with the aim of creating software useful for information and knowledge transfer, it soon suffered from the unique location in which it resides, that is the center of gravity of the Apulian agriculture, towards which it brings dedication and respect.

In Spanish, Tinada means “canopy”, or “barchessa”: therefore, a rural building intended for work environments, where the manpower of the villa to which it is connected resides. In fact, Tinada is made up of a young and proactive staff, coming from various Italian regions and sectors of experience, whose heterogeneity constitutes its strength.

As a bridge for the excellent names of the University of Foggia and local, Tinada has developed over the years the ways to represent and bring innovation to its territory and the actors involved. The company makes use of tools of great impact such as international lobbying, consultancy, assistance and the conception of regional and European projects, with the result of having achieved numerous successful jobs with and for the Apulian reality.