Tinada has three fundamental objectives:

1. Promote development and innovation, in line with environmental, social and economic efficiency and sustainability. By identifying opportunities for the territory at the local level as well as abroad, Tinada is able to act as a precursor for topics of international value for the Apulian society, animating marginal players and less developed areas, bringing value and knowledge as concrete results. All while maintaining a “human” approach adapted to the needs of its customers.

2. Facilitate communication and dissemination for and from the Apulian territory. Tinada is receptive to external opportunities and the needs of its collaborators. The company facilitates the communication of individuals and local and regional associations to the outside world, to connect them to similar and best practices, universities, businesses and other governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as funding opportunities. All this through a wise use of various languages ​​of communication, of European jargons and of course the necessary bureaucracy.

3. Maximize the interaction with and between local and international actors, building a network of networks across the board for a growing number of impacts and new opportunities for collaboration. Tinada wants to involve all stakeholders from its fields of experience. These mainly concern the agri-food chains, from producers to retailers, distributors and consumers. Despite this, given the growing interest in nutrition and health, Tinada is increasingly in contact with players in the biomedical field.